Natural soaps participated in the business conference "Flavors and manabitas arts"

Natural soaps participated in the business conference "Flavors and manabitas arts"

The Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES), conformed by the zonal coordination 4, carried out "Fair flavors and arts manabitas". The objective was to promote goods, products and services of artisans, merchants and entrepreneurs. Among these products were natural soaps, banana flour, artisanal coffee, flavored chiffles, etc.

The purpose of these ventures is that they have access to national markets (public and private) under equal and fair conditions. In this way, national products will be consumed.  And the work of artisans is also valued.

Many authorities were present: Lcda. Margarita Veintimilla, zonal coordinator 4 of MIES, Biol. Juan Carlos Armendariz, district director of Portoviejo of MIES, Ing. Jessenia Cedeño, of the Provincial Government of Manabí, Ing. Diana Bravo, of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Portoviejo, Econ. Jimmy Mora, of the Superintendence of Market Power.

The welcome was given by Biol. Juan Carlos Armendariz. He said that as an MIES institution they have several projects. One of them is the linking of entrepreneurs with big merchants. The opportunities are given to those people who have an idea of innovation. And then they develop it to what time passes. He also stressed that in Manabí there are entrepreneurs who have quality and effectiveness when launching a product.

A case of many, is the glycerin soap (Palo Santo). This soap is a natural relaxant, It's used for aromatherapy and has a woody citrus smell. For the amount of limonene (93%) serves as an antioxidant, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

Mario Cevallos, is in charge of the zonal Economic Inclusion Unit 4. He said that the event is based on entrepreneurs. “it is sought that artisans have a space to participate in the hangers of supermarkets where they have more sales”.

About 20 ventures from the province of Manabí were presented. These complied with the respective regulations: labeling, barcode and presentation. Ignacio Briones is an artisan who produces essences of vanilla, rose and mint. He says his products are expanding to Tía and Velboni stores. He also says that his product is made in a wood oven, it is completely handmade.

These events are carried out from the local level to the national level. "We make district, zonal, and national fairs so that entrepreneurs have marketing space," said Jimmy Mora.

The chains that were present were: Corporation El Rosado with Mi Comisariato, commissary Gonzalo Zambrano, commissary Don Paco, and Commissariat Velboni. These chains of commerce are intended to help spread the products of entrepreneurs.

The popular and solidarity economy is a form of economic organization. Here its members or artisans, produce, exchange and market their goods and services, through relationships based on solidarity. 

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