5 reasons why foreigners visit Ecuador

5 reasons why foreigners visit Ecuador

Ecuador is a megadiverse country. Full of flora and fauna in its four regions. It also has an infinity of handmade products that make their culture more striking.

We are in cruise seasons and foreigners want to experience what Ecuador offers them. The Seven Seas Mariner cruise ship arrived on January 18 with 708 passengers and 445 crew members. It is the fourth boat of the present year.

Foreigners from the United States, Cuba and Mexico had the opportunity to visit Manabí, province of Ecuador. For this, fairs, events and tourist routes are made to representative places.

We share the reasons that make Ecuador is visited by tourists:

  1.      Handicrafts.

Ecuador is a good place to experience the artisanal market. At the fair held in Montecristi the most representative handicrafts of the region were exhibited. Around 26 stands were with their products. Among them we can find fashion jewelry, knitted clothes, natural beads, wicker items, ponchos, craft beers and other products made by Ecuadorian artisans.

Foreign people value handmade works, especially if they help preserve the environment.

  1.     Biodiversity

Ecuador has many different ecosystems. An infinity of marine and terrestrial species. It also has many species of plants that are cared for, flowered and wilted by eras. The flowering of guayacanes is one of the main attractions for tourists.

In this tour, the tourists had the opportunity to visit Pacoche. A refuge for wildlife and marine. They are driven to the site by tour guides. The characteristic of Pacoche are the howler monkeys. Tourists take pictures and take advantage of walking along the trails.

On the other hand, we support the reforestation of the Palo Santo tree. This is a tree that has healing properties. Secondary products can be obtained: essential oils, incense sticks and natural soap. Foreigners choose buying these natural products at fairs.

  1.     Straw hats toquilla.

Montecristi is the center of elaboration of these hats mistakenly known as Panama Hats.

Tourists move to Montecristi in the well-known chivas or rancheras. Here they observe how the craftsmen weave the hats. The postures and techniques for each type of tissue.

Some take pictures and others buy Straw hats. The most requested models by tourists are Fedora, Borsalino and Colonial. It should be noted that this hat was recognized in 2012 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  1.     Beaches

The beaches of Ecuador are the best tourist product that can be offered to foreigners. In the route of the sun there are a variety of beaches. Esmeraldas, Manabí and Guayaquil are the most visited sites.

The tourists, when getting off the cruise ships, decide to go for a walk on the beach without slippers. Others sunbathe, or simply read their favorite book lying on the sand.

  1.     Gastronomy.

Ecuadorian food is desired by many tourists. Each region has its favorite dish. They are characterized by their varied way of making food and drinks.

The tourists of the cruise Seven Seas Mariner tasted the food manabita. Fish ceviche with peanuts, encebollado, ripe with salprieta, tongas, white whey and more appetizing dishes. These tastes are for Ecuadorians and foreigners.

Turn your trip to Ecuador into an unforgettable adventure. Choose Ecuador first. You will enjoy like no other place in the world. During your visit, you will feel at home.



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