Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors

Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors

Every day there are more people interested in practicing yoga. And with this practice we can reach its true meaning. Practicing yoga allows us to unite our body, mind and intelligence. Many people also associate yoga with aromatherapy. This is due to the level of relaxation and meditation that is achieved in your process.

Mantra Rodríguez, is a yoga instructor in Portoviejo since 8 months ago. She has been involved in the discipline for 6 years. The meeting point for the trainings is in the botanical park of Portoviejo. She explains some reasons why it is necessary to practice yoga in a place like this, outdoors:

  • Mantra says that practicing yoga in the middle of the flora and fauna allows us to be in contact with Mother Nature. Our 5 senses will be together with the sounds, the breeze, the light, etc.
  • Being in an outdoor place, we can get better relaxation when meditating. This means that our body connects with our mind.
  • It helps increase our energy. It also allows us to communicate with our inner self, that is, with our soul.
  • It helps us to relax our mind and feel in the present. To achieve this we must be aware of our breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and frustration. We achieve this by absolute concentration, we disconnect from the rest to concentrate on us.
  • Strengthens confidence in ourselves. When practicing outdoors, you leave your comfort zone, break habits and know another type of environment.
  • The circuits of our body are normalized. When doing outdoor yoga we do not need a mat, we can do it on the lawn. This offers us more energy for the body.
  • It helps the oxygenation of our body. By breathing fresh air, our muscles and other organs are oxygenated. This will cause circulation in the body.
  • Power our balance. When doing outdoor postures our strength in the legs increases. It also balances our emotional needs.

Yoga, in addition to having these benefits, also allows us to change our body. We gain more flexibility and resistance with constant practice. In addition there are a number of elements or products that can be used: cushions, belts, japa malas, blankets, blocks, and even essential oils uses.

To enter this discipline we must do it by level: 3 months for beginners, 3 months for intermediate level and finally the advanced level. It is necessary to follow the sequence so as not to suffer injuries in the future. Mantra teaches classes on Fridays and Saturdays. The weekends are to keep our bodies relaxed, in harmony and absolute peace!

So you know, look for an outdoor place to practice yoga. A park, a beach, a bridge, in the countryside or wherever you like. Let the sun's rays caress your skin. Feel free, caress the leaves, smell the flowers, listen to the birds, the breeze of the sea, feel the nature!



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