The great tourist and craft fair of Ecuador, recommendations for tourists

The great tourist and craft fair of Ecuador, recommendations for tourists

Ecuador has a great tourist offer. Beaches, hotels, restaurants, crafts, natural and fun places where you can go with your family. Ecuador is a megadiverse tourist destination, every year many foreigners visit these lands for the variety of places and artisanal products that it offers.

Within the tourist places of Ecuador, you can choose the sea, the land and the air, you can enjoy the coastal area and its beaches. There are also places in the mountains with spectacular views. In the part of the Amazon you can enjoy the nature of the forest, rivers, flora and fauna. Travel your way, Ecuador your place in the world.

Artisanal fairs are also an opportunity for entertainment for tourists. It's also a business opportunity for Ecuadorian artisans. Ecuadorian handicrafts are in great demand by foreigners, especially Panama hats. Ninfa Chávez, artisan from Montecristi comments: “The hats are the most bought by tourists, they come for the hat with the finest strand, hats vary, from $ 50 $ 100 $ 150 and $ 200; these are the prices because it is the thin straw hat "

María Eugenia Pablo de Degenna, Director of Tourism of GAD Montecristi, comments “Foreigners always take into account Montecristi for the variety of crafts and for our flagship product: The Montecristi Hats, the fine hat is made in Pile but it is also made in Montecristi”.

Each year increases the number of visitors to Ecuador. On January 26, the Black Watch cruiser arrived in Manta. Around 1,000 crew members visited the lands of Manabitas. They came from England and Canada. The Ministry of Tourism is carrying out a campaign "Come to Manabí, explore it".  The objective of this campaign is to show the culture, tradition, gastronomy, and other attractions of Manabí.

Manabi has many local enterprises that are attractive for tourists. Here are some recommendations for tourism and crafts for foreigners:

The Great Craft Fair.

Ecuador has strengthened the cottage industry. Currently there are opportunities for artisans to show their ventures. Among the most representative crafts are the following:

  •          Tagua jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings)
  •          Wicker crafts (armchairs, tables, baskets and sconces)
  •          Hand-embroidered clothing (presidential shirts, dresses, ponchos, handbags)
  •          Leather goods (belts, purses, wallets)
  •          Palo Santo products (natural soaps, essential oils, incense stick)
  •          Edible products (banana flour, artisan jams, soy milk, etc)

The great Tourist Fair.

It provides the opportunity for foreigners to travel throughout the country. There are many hotel options to stay in the 4 regions of the country. There are more than 500 hotels to choose from. Dare to live a unique experience. Travel First Ecuador. The Ministry of Environment proposes this program:

  •          Quito - Playas (Cojimíes, Atacames, Mompiche, Puerto López or Montañita)
  •          Quito -  Amazonía (trek through the jungle, descent in bollas, visit to the Kichua community)
  •          Quito - Cuenca (visit to Chordeleg, Ruins of Ingapirca, Cotopaxi National Park)
  •          Quito - Route of the sun (Manta, Guayaquil, Salinas, Esmeraldas)
  •          Guayaquil - Quito (Mindo, waterfalls)
  •          Guayaquil – Alausí, Riobamba, Baños, Quito, Otavalo, Mindo.
  •          Cuenca – Quito, Otavalo, Pelileo, Baños.
  •          Manta - Quito region of the lakes and Mindo.

These are the recommendations that Ecuador has for tourists. Choose Ecuador first. You will feel at home.

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