Las Vegas Park, green destination Why visit it?

Las Vegas Park, green destination Why visit it?

Are you one of the people who like ecotourism? Do you like vegetation and places that are full of flora and fauna? Here we bring you an option to go with your family, partner or group of friends: Las Vegas Park.

The park was inaugurated on February 1 in Portoviejo. Around 4,000 people attended. There were countless artists, including: Danny Cobeña, Mercedes Cruz, Jhoselyn Mendoza and Dylan Reina. They represented great singers, like Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Rocío Durcal.

The park was filled with joy, dancing and food. The capital of the manabitas is changing, and this is a sample of that. If you are looking for an experience of nature, it's time to visit this place. Come to Manabí, explore it.

Las vegas park must visit it for 3 reasons:

  1.        It's considered the new lung of Portoviejo. It's composed of 70% green areas. It has 11 hectares of extension. It has more than 1500 trees. Most of its trees are fruitful. In this area they reforest many varieties of trees. We also support reforestation. We are currently reforesting 5,000 Palo Santo trees. With them we make Palo Santo essential oil and incense.
  2.        It's an entertainment space. There are games and activities to enjoy inside the park. Children, youth and adults have access to these recreations: Greco Roman theater, outdoor gym, clothing stores, food stalls, games for children and other attractions. You can also find corn, chifles, manabas sweets, tortillas, straw hats and other Ecuadorian handicrafts.
  3.        Tourism is practiced in a responsible manner. The park is a natural attraction for people who attend. They practice ecotourism in order to avoid the degradation and affectation of the flora and fauna of the sector. Recall that the conservation and sustainable use of nature is essential for the growth of Manabí and Ecuador as a whole. Your next vacation can be to this place that protects the environment.

In the park 28 enterprises were exposed. The craftsmen had handmade products. From crafts to edible products. These products are attractive for people who visit the park, especially for tourists. All you need is Ecuador.

This place is a unique natural area where you can relax and feel free. Its also necessary to educate, value and preserve these green areas that Ecuador offers us. Like this park, there are more tourist places in Ecuador that we can visit. Ecuador, Your place in the world. Travel First Ecuador.

If you are not decided on what park or place to visit on your next vacation, Park Las Vegas is an option. In addition, the Ministry of Tourism has a travel plan for your vacation. Choose First Ecuador and you will fall in love with its natural landscapes.

Do you like to travel? Visit Manabí. Province full of creative places. Experience sustainable tourism and enjoy nature!

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