Beach season in the Ecuadorian style

Beach season in the Ecuadorian style

Carnival is a date that highlights the beach, sand, sun, bright colors, foam and shine. In these dates we don't know what destination to choose to go to enjoy with family, friends and acquaintances. Going on a trip is easy, finding the place is complicated.

In Manta around 23 public activities were held in the 4 days of the holiday. The most representative activities were: election of carnival queen 2018, concert of Silvestre Dangond, music fest 2018, and the craft fair. These days, Manta was full of a party. Tourism in Ecuador filled the expectations of coastal areas.

On February 9, the opening of the festivities with the Queen of Carnival Election took place. Ten candidates participated. They had 2 presentations: the opening in a sports suit, and the catwalk in a bathing suit. The costumes represented the Victoria Secret catwalks. The feathers, the brightness, the randas, transparency and neon colors were the protagonists of the night.

Jonathan Estrada was the animator of the event. Dayanara Peralta offered a show that more than one enjoyed. She sang and encouraged all the audience that was present.

Gabriela, better known as Abi Barbie, is a fashion designer. She was in charge of making the presentation costume of the candidates who participated for the Carnival Queen of Manta. Regarding the theme of the event, Gabriela comments: “My inspiration for the costumes is according to the theme; I'm a creative woman and I like this kind of thing. This carnival has been fantasy type; there is a lot of color and magic; and for this I have been inspired by the Victoria Secret fashion show. Basically it is to create colorful wings to highlight the figure of the girls

In carnivals and in the beach season we should enjoy with style. It's not just about wearing colorful bath suits, long skirts, straw hats, shores, low-cut blouses or dresses. Our clothes must also be complemented with accessories.

The accessories make our clothes stand out and look more striking. We can use sunglasses, a handbag, a handkerchief or natural jewelry. Among the handmade jewelry you can find: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. These accessories were used by the 10 candidates for carnival queen. It's better to consume Ecuadorian products.

Gisselle Rosado, in charge of the event, said: “The girls have had 3 weeks of preparation, in this time the opening was assembled, they learned to model; They were also taught a little etiquette and public speaking. For the winner, she will receive several prizes that are granted by private companies”.

For this season, not only Manta attracted thousands of tourists. Many Manabí cantons such as Crucita, Bahía, Pedernales and Chone did activities for Ecuadorian and foreign tourists.

On the beaches there were craft fairs, food fairs, water activities, soccer and volleyball tournaments, dance shows and concerts. Ecuador lived to the full the 2018 carnival. The Ministry of Tourism (Facebook: @MinisterioTurismoEcuador) has a travel plan for tourists who want to visit and learn about the wonders of Ecuador. Ecuador Travel. Travel Ecuador.

Ecuador has many wonderful places that you can visit. All you need is Ecuador to know about the culture, gastronomy, crafts and customs that represents us.

And how did you enjoy your carnivals? What tourist destination did they visit?

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