4 tips to enjoy a relaxing massage

4 tips to enjoy a relaxing massage

A spa day has multiple benefits for our physical and spiritual health. The purpose of going to one of these places is to improve our way of life. Within a spa we can receive a variety of facial and body therapies. We also receive aromatherapy to stimulate the senses.

At Yamile Ostios Peluquería & Spa (Facebook: @YamileOstios), the beauty of the people is highlighted. In this place many services are offered: facial cleansing, relaxing massages, collagen restoration, style changes and reducing massages. Yamile Ostios is the owner of the place. In addition to these products also provides food guide for people to have a healthy lifestyle. She has clients from Manta and abroad, including Canada, the United States and Argentina.

Do you crave a relaxing massage? With a session we can feel the sensation of well-being and pleasure. We show you 4 tips to fully enjoy a relaxing massage:

  1.        Disconnect your mind from the outside world: To give or receive a massage, it's necessary to be in a quiet place. Turn off cell phones and electronic devices. Make sure there is no noise in the place where you are. If you prefer, you can play soft music.

Also don't try to think about the problems you have daily. Try to concentrate on the background music. Let no thought ruin your moment of tranquility.

  1.        Don't go to the spa with a full stomach: It's necessary to go with the body empty and relaxed. Remember that massages require friction. This indicates that we can feel discomfort or desire to vomit if we go with a full stomach.

Its preferable to drink water or a juice before entering to give us the massage. In this way we will feel more satisfied.

  1.        Wear appropriate clothing: To go to the spa you can do it with your everyday clothes. You can wear pants, blouse, dress, skirt, etc. The problem begins when you enter the room to receive the massage and you have to strip.

Maybe many people feel shame to be naked for complete, but do not worry, for everything there is a solution. You can wear a two piece bathing suit and in this way you should not stay naked. You can also bring extra underwear to use after the massage.

I recommend you go as simple as possible. Avoid wearing big necklaces and earrings that complicate the time of undressing.

  1.        Find a good therapist: For the massage to be successful it's necessary to look for a person who is an expert and meets your expectations. In conclusion, you should leave satisfied.

Sonia Cuenca is a professional masseuse. At the moment of giving the massages, she uses an aromatic candle, Palo Santo essential oils and a background music that helps to relax the client. She begins to massage from the bottom up, that is, the feet, heels, buttocks, back, neck and head. The main objective of these massages is to relax completely.

Essential oils have multiple benefits; these relax and recharge the energy of our body. It also reduces stress, relieves muscle pain, and strengthens our immune system. In this way, migraine, headaches and fatigue are fought.

Sonia's technique is to massages in a circular way. In this way the essential oil is concentrated in the area where it is touching. During the entire hour of the massage, its not recommended that you detach from the patient. From start to finish there must be a connection between masseuse and client.

In Ecuador we have a number of spas and beauty centers where you can go and transform your lifestyle. Tourism In Ecuador. Ecuador Travel.

All you need is Ecuador to find the best spa. What are you waiting for?

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