4 ways to care for hair that every woman should know

4 ways to care for hair that every woman should know

Hair is a part of our body that worries women. We always want our hair to look bright and without abuse. Although we always try to take care of our hair, it will be exposed to many aggressions. The hair is subjected to bacteria, cosmetics, dyes, fever, stress, ultraviolet rays and pollution from the outside.

There are many products to care for all types of hair; curly, straight, dyed, ironed etc. We can use a shampoo of our choice, aloe, chamomile, calendula, and Palo Santo shampoo.

Here are some tips to take care of your hair:

  1.        Brush your hair at least 8 times a day: When we brush our hair constantly, we eliminate the remains of products and dirt that accumulate on the scalp. It also favors its growth because when combing we stretch the strands. Its important to remember that if your hair is thick or entangled, it is recommended that you use a comb cream and then use the brush. We can use a thick bristle brush to quickly untangle the hair and not damage the root or hair fiber.
  2.        Wash your hair with cold water: When we bathe with cold water, our hair lightens. In addition, the pores of the scalp are closed. We must be very careful with the heat because it sensitizes our scalp and hair tips. It's recommended to avoid iron, dryers and very hot water. In addition, cold water helps improve blood circulation in the scalp.
  3.        Use oil to hydrate your hair: Many women will say what to use oil, if they already use cream to comb. Remember that they are 2 different things. The cream serves to untangle and have softness. On the other hand, the oil serves as a treatment to repair the hair fiber and its rupture. This oil treatment should be applied twice a week, and let it act for 20 minutes. It can be almond oil, castor oil, lavender or Palo Santo essential oil.
  4.        Eat healthy: Our hair is not only taken care of with the products that we put on, we also do it with the food we carry. It's necessary to include animal protein and vegetables in our meals. These foods favor the growth and strengthening of our hair because it has vitamin A. Vitamins rich in vitamin C and B complex must also be added to the diet: peaches and whole grains.

These tips should be done every day. There is a myth that it is not advisable to wash your hair every day because it is damaged, this is a lie! On the contrary, if we wet our hair daily, it will grow more. This is due to the oxygen provided by the water. In addition to washing, the production of fat in your scalp will be less.

In addition we must avoid stress because this causes the fall and weakening of the hair. One technique to avoid it is aromatherapy. We will feel more relaxed.

From now on we should devote more attention to our hair. We must give the necessary care to keep it soft, shiny, and strong. Without a doubt this is the dream of every woman.


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