Travel by train through Ecuador, an unforgettable experience

Travel by train through Ecuador, an unforgettable experience

Traveling and getting to know Ecuador can be very pleasant for many people. Especially because they can know the 4 regions: Coast, Sierra, Amazon and Galapagos. There are tourist places in each of these areas.

Choose Ecuador travel and enjoy with your loved ones. This is a good option for your children to know Ecuador in a sophisticated and safe transport. All you need is Ecuador for family tourism. The movements of the wagons, the sound of the engine, the shriek of the rails and the large windows are part of your family train experience.

Train Ecuador has many offers of routes for local and foreign tourists. This is a luxury train where you will find the necessary comforts for your trips. Make tourism in Ecuador and know the landscapes on wheels. You will be delighted with the amount of flora and fauna you can see along the way.

The trip by the Cruise Train lasts depending on the routes. There are different routes:

Quito / Guayaquil / Quito = 4 days 3 nights

Quito / Alausí / Quito = 3 days 2 nights

Alausí / Guayaquil / Alausí = 2 days 1 night

On the other hand, there are other routes where you can visit by train. You can choose to go to the Devil's Nose, to Los Volcanes, to Durán-Alausí and other 1-day tours:

Quito / Lasso / Quito

Latacunga / Riobamba / Latacunga

Riobamba / Bucay / Riobamba

Bucay / Guayaquil / Bucay

In these Ecuador destinations you can visit historical sites, cultural parks, and recognized sites of each city. Also inside the train you will have services such as internet, cafeteria, gift shop, and a bar for traditional drinks. They also have an outdoor balcony where you enjoy the vegetation, the mountains and the birds. The combination of these landscapes makes this tour a unique and unforgettable experience that is worth enjoying.

The lodging is done in hostels at the points of arrival or visit. In these landing places, tourists can enjoy commercial stores, restaurants, museums, artisanal squares, parks and folk groups.

You can not forget to take your camera with you, you will want to take pictures of each landscape: the sunsets, the traditional animals, the representative trees of each region, the crafts, handmade Ecuadorian products, and the exquisite cuisine prepared by friendly and educated Ecuadorians.

Its not necessary that it is a holiday to go to enjoy the routes offered by the Ecuador Train. Grab your suitcase, pack your clothes, save your digital camera, charge your cell phone and call the person with whom you like to share the trips. Ready, it's all you need for this trip full of adventure and fun!

Its necessary to remember that the Train Ecuador has been recognized 4 consecutive times as the best Train of South America. This is because it has all the luxuries for the tourist to travel comfortably. Also because their designs show what is representative of Ecuador. The 4 trains have styles that go from the colonial era to the republican one.

The most fantastic of all is that you can enjoy different climates and attractions in one place, for that reason Ecuador is called the country of the four worlds. Ecuador, Your Place in the world invites you to explore each of its corners by the wagon of a train. This is possible! Do not miss this opportunity! It's not too late to undertake this new adventure! Ecuador deserves more than a visit! There is still much to discover!  

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Tren Ecuador

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