Tourism in Montecristi: A tour to enjoy

Tourism in Montecristi: A tour to enjoy

Taking a tour of Ecuador can take several days. Search Ecuador destinations for your trips and you will know what it is to enjoy culture, gastronomy and tourism. In this country full of friendly and helpful people, we enjoy a tropical climate, especially in the coastal area.

On the coast of Ecuador there are a variety of routes that have beaches, forests, spas and other tourist attractions. Its a country that has flora and fauna in most of its corners.

Manabí is part of the Ecuadorian Coast. In this province we can enjoy a variety of traditional places and meals. Every good tourist who visits Ecuador must go through Manabí tasting the traditional food: dry chicken cooked in wood and clay pots, the ripe with salprieta, tongas, and traditional seafood dishes. More than one person will want to take food in their bag!

This is not everything! In Manabí we can visit Montecristi, a canton known for knitting the finest hats in the world, erroneously known as Panama Hats. Its also a tourist site because its the Constituent Assembly and the remains of General Eloy Alfaro. He is recognized as a revolutionary and defender of human rights.

In this post we will talk a little about the places you can visit in Montecristi, and the activities that are done in each one of them.

The Basilica of the Virgin of Montserrat

When you reach the center of Montecristi, you can see the church at a glance. At the entrance to the church there is a painted figure of the Virgin of Montserrat where you can take a panoramic photo.

The stairs to go up to the church are approximately 10 meters high. You go up and find the hall with the pews where the parishioners are going to listen to the mass. They usually do it every Sunday, this is a Manabi tradition.

At the top of the church is the figure of the Virgin where they can go to pray, give an offering and even take pictures. On the outside of the church on the right side is an image of Eloy Alfaro face. More than one tourist takes pictures and asks about the story of this character.

The Virgin of Montserrat is venerated by her followers on November 21. Many people make long walks from Manta to Montecristi. They are approximately 11 kilometers. In those dates, many merchants go out to the streets to sell their products. These Ecuadorian products are usually made by hand.

Ciudad Alfaro Civic Center

This tourist attraction is located on the hill. Here is the life of General Eloy Alfaro with his ashes. Tourists can enjoy different areas here:

  •          The National Unity train station: There is a wagon that was part of the State Railways. It was delivered to Ciudad Alfaro to be part of this emblematic place.

The train refers to the way of traveling in ancient times from the coast to the sierra. Its decorative elements give an enhancement to the entrance of the Civic Center.

People before could only take pictures outside the wagon. You can now enter and photograph your experience. It's a feeling like you're traveling by train. Don't forget to take the picture in the front!

  •          The Memorial Mausoleum of Eloy Alfaro: Since you enter, you feel satisfied by the amount of culture you see here. In the corridor, on the left side is a letter written by Eloy Alfaro, and at the last his carved signature. On the right side there are famous phrases where we can take a picture.

In the final part of the Mausoleum there is an image of Eloy Alfaro. It's a work of the renowned Ivo Uquillas. This image shows the constant struggle for the rights and equality of Ecuadorians. Here the ashes of this fighter rest. In addition we find faces and silver metallic figures in the surroundings. There are also chairs manteñas where we can take pictures. You will be delighted with this place and want to know more about the history of this revolutionary.

  •          Museum of the Radical Liberal Revolution: The tour of this place will take you many years back. Here you can see elements that the native manteños used many years ago: Machetes, telephones, clay pots, etc.

The most attractive thing here is the wooden house. This is the prototype of houses that were built in the countryside. Here you can take pictures with your loved ones. At the end of the tour we found coffee and tagua seeds. The tagua is recognized in Manabí for making crafts: necklaces, bracelets and representative figures.

  •          The Constituent Assembly: In this place are the emblematic assets: six swords, the Military Investiture, a top hat and two military collars. This Assembly was approved on September 28, 2008.

Many tourists want to go because they want to see the assembly members, but this is not possible! More than that, you must enjoy this place that is recognized throughout Ecuador.

  •          Toquilla Straw Exhibition Hall: Upon entering you will find people weaving the finest hats in the world. The fineness of the hat depends on the degree of tissue you have. These craftsmen from Manabi weave the hats between 2 and 6 months.

We also see old hats that were worn by revolutionaries. You can also see elements made of wicker, a boat that represents manabita fishing, a horse that represents the mobilization of the rural area to urban and a cane house that symbolizes the lifestyle of the people of antiquity.

The Montecristi Hill

 If you like long walks, get ready to take a 630 meter high tour. Try to go with sports shoes, comfortable clothes and your bottle of water so you do not get dehydrated. It's also a good activity to remove stress and be in contact with nature.

Walks to the hill are only done on weekends in the morning and afternoon. The pauses that are made in the walks are to observe Alfaro City from above. It's a beautiful landscape!

On this hill you can enjoy the dry forest and the humid forest. So you have everything! Also in the highest part you feel the fog and the climate is colder.

Many people are afraid to make the journey, because of the rumors that people have been lost inside the forest. They also say if a person grabs a fruit from up there, it is lost. These are myths! For this reason, people take the tour with a guide.

Montecristi is a wonderful and welcoming place. Dont forget to take your camera, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and repellent for this trip.

Make tourism in Ecuador to know the most emblematic and recognized places. Come to visit Montecristi, the birthplace of Eloy Alfaro.



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