What activities can you do in Montañita?

What activities can you do in Montañita?

Ecuador has many beautiful beaches where you can go to visit. In this post we will talk about sun, sea, sand and fun to the limit. Weekends are not only for parks, museums, squares and shopping centers, you can also choose a weekend at the beach. I assure you that you will forget your problems.

Montañita is a beach where there is strong waves, with waves of approximately 2.50 meters high. Many will say that it's a good option to go surfing, and they are right. Montañita is the capital of surfing!

The beach is located in Santa Elena, in the parish of Manglaralto. You can get there by public transport or in your own car. Besides, you will not have to worry about how you are dressed, or with whom you are accompanied. There are too many tourists who come to this beach who only have time to focus on their fun and not on the affairs of others.

Here is a list of what you can do in Montañita:

  • Enjoy the bars: Most of its premises are made of wood and outdoors. They are a good place to enjoy with your partner or group of friends. In these bars you can order drinks and cocktails typical of the sector. Also in most bars you can enjoy live music.

The entrance to most bars is free, but you must consume drinks or food inside the place. At a bar you spend around $ 20 to $ 40 per night. Cocktails cost from $ 4 to $ 10.

  • Dance in the clubs: If you are a party person and you like fun, this is a good activity for you. If you go with a group of friends to Montañita you have to visit Lost Beach Club; It's a place where they put the best music to dance; Here they do live shows and have 3 different environments for every taste. Another well-known place is the disco Alcatraz.

Admission costs $ 5 until 12:00 am, after this time it goes up to $ 10. To do this activity at night you spend around $ 30 to $ 50.  The party in these places lasts until 4:00 a.m. And what happens in Montañita, stays in Montañita.

  • Practice surf: It's the most striking sport in this area. Surfers are at sea from very early hours. There is also the surfer monument where you can take a picture.

Surf lessons cost $ 20 for two hours, with instructor and board. Renting only the surfboard costs between $ 10 and $ 15 all day.

  • Practice sports in the sand: Soccer and volleyball are the most representative sports, played by men and women. Yoga is also practiced here on the beach, but in the more remote areas, because there is a lot of noise in the center of the beach. They also perform yoga rituals.

Many of these exercises are completely free, like a tightrope, all you have to have is the motivation to participate in them. Not every day practice sports in the sand because it depends on the reception of the tourist.

  • Perform water sports: Diving and snorkeling are the most practiced, there are also boat tours. The duration of these activities can be more than 3 hours depending on the time required of the tourist. Here you can see fish of all colors, starfish, and other animals.

Diving is between $ 70 and $ 85 depending on the day. Diving with one or two dives with a companion in one day is offered. They also do diving courses that last 5 days, and they give you a certification. The cost is between $ 350 to $ 400.

  • Do aerial sports: The most common is paragliding. Its advisable to do it on sunny days because you can see beautiful landscapes. At first you can feel a little vertigo, but it will be worth it. You can also be lucky to see a whale in the sea. Its a good activity to get out of the beach routine.

The cost of the paragliding tour is $ 40 including photos. Within these photos can be selfies or panoramic captures. The tour lasts around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the wind you make.

  • Taste the typical dishes: When we talk about beach, the first thing that comes to mind are seafood; and they are in all the truth. If you go to Montanita in a healthy way, do not drink alcoholic beverages and act as a food taster, this is a good activity for you! Delight yourself with the ceviches of fish, shrimp, shell, squid or mixed; Other seafood dishes are encebollado, rice and seafood soups. And if you are of little sea food, we also have ground food: roasts, steaks, ribs and meat specialties.

The prices of the dishes vary: The breakfasts are from $ 2.50 to $ 5; lunches and snacks from $ 4 and $ 8; the typical and most representative dishes vary between $ 7 and $ 12. There are also carts where they sell fast food for $ 2 and $ 3.

  • Do artisan tourism: You can walk and enjoy the Ecuadorian products that they sell in each one of the places. Tagua handicrafts, key chains, and embroidered clothing are the most bought by tourists.

The tagua crafts are in prices from $ 2 to $ 8; Its a good option to carry as a souvenir. The beach clothes can be found between $ 10 to $ 30 depending on the tastes of the people.

In the Ecuador destinations, Montañita is a good option to visit. Travel Ecuador and you will enjoy the coasts of this country. Here the sun, the beach and frozen beers wait for you. More than one will take pictures for the memory. Because Montañita is everything.

REMINDER: For accommodation there is a variety of hotels that fit the budget of the tourist. There are prices from $ 20 to $ 35 per night. The best time to come is from March to November where it does not rain and the weather is perfect for tanning.

How to get

From Guayaquil: From the Guayaquil terminal you take a bus with direct destination. The trip is approximately 4 hours. 

From Quito: There are no direct cars but there are other alternatives: You can travel to the Ballenita terminal in Santa Elena, Travel to Guayaquil or Take a bus to Portoviejo. Once you are in any of these places, you can take a direct bus to Montañita. It will take approximately 9 hours to arrive.

From Cuenca: The route is very simple, you must travel from Cuenca to Guayaquil and from here take a bus to the Ballenita terminal in Santa Elena. finally you take a bus that makes the route of the sun and takes you to Montañita. The trip takes approximately 6 hours.

If you travel by bus, your arrival point will be the Ballenita terminal. Here there are taxis and public buses that take you to Montañita. The bus ticket costs $ 1.50 per person, and the taxi race costs $ 25. If you go with a group of friends, you can split the budget for transportation.

Make tourism in Ecuador and enjoy its beaches. It is necessary that in your suitcase you take with you the sunblock, repellent, towel, parasol, sandals, and most importantly, your camera. You will want to take pictures of the sunsets that this beach offers.

Go ahead and make your visit to Montañita. If you want more information about what to do in this beach, you can hire a tour package.

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