What items you should carry in your bag during a trip to Ecuador?

What items you should carry in your bag during a trip to Ecuador?

If you are organizing your future trip to Ecuador, its necessary to have clear the elements that you must carry in your suitcase. You must also plan the route or the places you are going to visit. Ecuador, your place in the world, is a land of friendly people, exquisite food and beautiful landscapes.

You should not forget anything for a long or short trip. A few days before you should make a list of the things you are going to use. Here we leave you the most basic and indispensable elements that you will use in this trip.

For the Coast: In this area there are many beaches, rivers, forests, waterfalls and parks. Here you should be as comfortable as possible. The climate is tropical and sometimes it's a lot of walking. These are the elements that you must take to the Coast:

  •          Sunscreen: You must wear one according to your skin type, it can be for oily, dry or mixed skin. In certain places on the coast and on the beaches, its very sunny and it's advisable to use sunscreen if you are not going to look like shrimp. We would not like you to carry memories of burns from Ecuador. May all your memories and moments be positive!
  •          Comfortable sandals: On the coast there is a lot to travel, besides the sun makes the parts of your body transpire. Try to wear low and comfortable sandals. You will not need heels or closed shoes. On the coast people live outdoors better.
  •          Loose clothing: For women it is recommended that they wear shorts, loose blouses, loose dresses and bohemian skirts; They will have a fresher and chic look. For men it's advisable to wear a shirt without sleeves, bividi, shorts and caps.

For both women and men, they must wear their bathing suits; most people will want to enjoy the beaches of Ecuador. The most popular beaches are Montañita, Atacames, La Murciélago, Bahia, among others.

For The Sierra: In this area there are many mountains, volcanoes, parks and museums. The Ecuadorian Sierra has a warm climate. In many places it's cold and in others there is fog. These are the elements that you must take to the Sierra:

  •          Boots or closed shoes: As I said before, in many places it's cold, so you should be covered. Its recommended closed shoes because the cold will not let you continue your walks. It also touches many mountains and elevated areas, and with sandals or heels will be impossible! If you are one of the people who like hiking, you know what you should use!
  •          Coat: If you are going into a mountain or visiting a high area it is necessary to wear a thick coat to cover the cold. At night you should also use them because you can catch a cold.
  •          Balsam and moisturizer: Many people dry their skin with cold. You must have a balm to put on your lips every 30 minutes. Afterwards you will not want to walk with swollen lips, and without being able to enjoy the delicious fries they sell in the mountains.

The moisturizing cream can be used twice a day, before leaving for the adventure and the moment of arrival. Moisturizes and softens your skin so it does not deteriorate in the cold.

For the Amazon: In this area there are many mountains, flora and fauna, waterfalls and exotic animals. It's a temperate and fresh climate. These are the elements that you must take to the Amazon:

  •          Raincoat: In addition to going with your comfortable clothes for walking and camping, we never know when it may rain. Wear a raincoat to avoid this kind of thing; but if you like to walk in the rain, welcome to the crossing!
  •          Repellent: For the simple fact of being a tropical area with many trees, we must protect ourselves from insects. Put repellent on the whole body, you will not want to walk with stings in your path.
  •          Lantern: In the Amazon there are many caves and ancestral closed places. It's recommended that you bring a flashlight to see where you are walking. If you have a phobia of darkness, you can make your way along the trails.

For The Galapagos: In this area there is a lot of sea, sand and incredible marine species. It is a ravaged and relaxing climate. These are the elements that you must carry:

  •          Diving goggles: If diving is one of your passions, you have to wear diving goggles. Here you can observe marine species of all kinds: colorful fish, starfish and sea turtles.
  •          Sea clothes: Try to wear your favorite bikini, with which you feel more comfortable. Also, if you are a surfer or lover of water sports, do not forget to bring your costumes.
  •          GoPro or water camera: If you want to capture the best moments under water, this element is necessary. You can take a selfie at the bottom of the sea and show off to your friends so that they also want to travel to Ecuador.

For the trip in general: These are essential elements in any trip you are going to make. If you forget one of these things, you are not an adventurous traveler.

  •          Photographic camera: It's necessary to save the best moments in your visit to Ecuador. You must photograph every landscape of sunsets, every experience that you take from this beautiful country.
  •          Sunglasses: Although many times its not sunny, you should always carry them with you. You never know how the climates can be. Besides, the glasses also cover you from the wind; then we have a point in favor of that element.
  •          Backpack: You must load it wherever you want to go because it can be very useful. Here you can store a drink or food for your trip. Remember that in many places they are dispossessed, and therefore there will be no place to eat. This backpack can serve as Doraemon's magic pocket; you can save everything!
  •          Binoculars: If you want to observe the landscapes more closely, its advisable to use binoculars. In the trees you can see the animals that are on top; You can also see the mountains that are far away.
  •          Hats: In addition to covering the sun and rain, these make you look attractive. You can take on your trip a Panama Hat that are the most used by tourists.

ADDITIONAL: What you should NOT bring on this trip is stress, work and worry. Disconnect from your routine during the days of tourism in Ecuador. Focus on enjoying and living new experiences.

This list of elements are what you must take to enjoy the wonderful places that Ecuador has. Travel first Ecuador and discover its valleys, gastronomy, culture, beliefs and tourist sites.

If you forget something, don't worry! You can buy it in a store in Ecuador, but that is not the end. Its not about spending money on material things, but spending it in each of its corners. And if you want to buy something material, let it be a native Ecuadorian item that you bring back as a souvenir.

All you need is Ecuador to enjoy 4 different worlds. Book now, and start making the list with the things you must carry.



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