The country of the 4 worlds: this is how Ecuador is distributed

The country of the 4 worlds: this is how Ecuador is distributed

Ecuador is an  international tourist destination. Every year, tourists from different parts of the world arrive. Ecuador travel is one of the things you must do in this 2018. In this country you can enjoy good gastronomy, culture, tourism and traditional festivities. Choose First Ecuador in the route of tourist destinations for this year.

Listen Four Worlds of Ecuador is synonymous with fun, adventure, entertainment and good memories. You can do tourism in Ecuador in a sustainable way, experimenting from the Amazon to the Galapagos Islands.

This South American country has a high tourist-environmental diversity. Know the 4 worlds that exist in Ecuador.

The Amazon Region

It's also called the East, this is the tropical jungle of Ecuador. Its the place where there is more variety of flora and fauna; and many species are protected because they are in danger of extinction.

It has a humid-tropical climate throughout the year so that tourists can enjoy the exotic places. Here there are many parks, lagoons, rivers and forests to enjoy with your family.

This area allows us to enjoy the species of birds and mammals. Some are the macaws, alligators, manatees, monkeys, among others. This is a place for adventurous people, who like to walk in the woods, do camping, kayak, rafting, visit animal rescue centers, visit the different indigenous communities. In itself, its a unique experience. In the Amazon lies the Yasuní National Park, which is a protected area.

Galapagos Islands

They are archipelagos that are found in the Pacific Ocean, that is, 14 main islands and for this reason there are a variety of marine species. These species, besides being exotic, are protected. These beaches are white sand, it's nice to lie in it to sunbathe.

The climate is tropical and sometimes there is humidity in the air for tourists to walk comfortably dressed. Here there are different terrestrial and marine animals, approximately 22,000 animals. For this reason, tourists can not come without their camera to capture the best moment of each of these species. Among these animals we can find: seals, turtles, iguanas, caimans, starfish, sea lions, colorful fish, etc.

These Islands were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to the variety of sea species. Its also the area of Ecuador that receives more tourists every year. Its called Galápagos, by a very large turtle that has this name. That is why it's normal to see these animals walking anywhere.

The Pacific Coast

There are beautiful beaches where a great variety of marine species can be found. In addition the warmth and kindness of people will make your stay last longer, for this reason there are many tourists.

The climate is tropical, in seasons its hot and in others there is humidity in the air; but the weather is always adequate to enjoy the beach. Here there is a variety of gastronomy, from seafood to ground food.

In this area you can visit Guayaquil, which is one of the largest cities in Ecuador. You can also do the sun route that includes traveling through the beach area. In this route you can visit: Salinas, Santa Elena, Puerto Lopez, Pedernales, among others.

For relaxed family holidays you can visit the beaches of Esmeraldas, Salinas, Mompiche. For adventurous people can visit Canoa and Montañita. There are beaches for all tastes.

Region of the Sierra Andina

Its the most recognized area because its in the center of Ecuador and also the capital of the country: Quito. Through this city passes the equinoctial line that divides 2 hemispheres.

It has a cold climate throughout the year, and here indigenous people live with their own cultures and languages. Here there are tourist places that are mountainous and can only be reached by train. In addition there are also more than 12 volcanoes with more than 5,000 meters high with snow, such as Tungurahua or Cotopaxi. Here you can take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

In this area you can find lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and nature reserves for people who like ecotourism. If you are more adventurous you can visit the museums, churches, historical centers and the equatorial line that is in Quito.

The most important cities in this region are Quito and Cuenca because of the amount of culture they have. These 2 were recognized as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In Ecuador besides these 4 tourist destinations, there are also lodging companies and tours to make your trip more pleasant. One of the tour companies that you can choose is the Railways of Ecuador. It will be a unique experience among mountains, flora and fauna.

All you need is Ecuador to describe and compare the 4 zones that this country offers you. Here it is possible to visit several regions and diverse ecosystems of the world without leaving the country. You can also find hand-made Ecuadorian products. Welcome to Ecuador, a dynamic, cultured and current country.

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