Yoga tips for beginners

Yoga tips for beginners

Are you going to start doing yoga? For many beginners yoga is a way to relax our mind, body and spirit; and they are in all the right thing. This exercise gives us a state of peace and well-being. And the most important thing that after finishing the session we will feel without stress or worries.

Beginners can be of all ages. Yoga is a universal exercise, therefore anyone can practice it. Many, even involve aromatherapy techniques. With aromatherapy we can relax our bodies more. In addition to feeling comfortable, we will breathe pleasant aromas that activate our sense of smell.

Take note of these tips and put them into practice:

  • Choose a place where there is no noise. Try to be in a place where nobody or anything bothers you. If its outdoors, it's better to practice yoga on the beach or in a park.

If you perform yoga at home, disconnect all electronic devices that can deconcentrate you. You can also put soft music to have the feeling of being in a forest with the noise of birds. Wherever you decide to do yoga, your mind should be clear and receptive.

  • Use the right clothes. You need comfortable clothes to be able to perform the movements. They can be lycra, baggy pants or shorts. Lycra clothing is very useful for yoga. Keep in mind that you need mobility throughout your body.

Try to have bare feet so that they transpire and you can perform the exercises better. It will also help you to better support your body in one position.

  • Take the necessary equipment. You need a rod, stretching bands and blocks for the first yoga sessions, so you will not be able to perform the postures. The elastic bands are to gain more flexibility and resistance. The blocks are to support the head and other extremities in case of not being able to reach the surface.

There are other materials to perform your yoga routine. The Japa Malas are very used in this practice, also the balls and cushions.

  • Warm up before you start. You must warm up to start as in any exercise. Its heating should last from 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember that in the world of yoga exercises require strength and balance, therefore we must warm every part of our body.

  • Control the breathing. In yoga and many exercises, breathing techniques are used to relax and connect with another position.

Its necessary to inhale when starting a posture, and then exhale slowly. Pay attention to your breathing and strength. Listen to your inner voice. In the moments that you have the mind in target you can lengthen the time of inhalation and exhalation.

  • Don't practice without a guide. Before practicing alone, you must learn the basic postures with a teacher or with a tutorial that explains in detail step by step. The more you let go and release the stress of your body, the postures will become easier. A good teacher will help us correct our body in each posture. It will also help us and tell us what positions are counterproductive if we have an injury.

Dont make poses with which you do not feel comfortable and safe. Its better to avoid neck and shoulder injuries, these are the most common. Now you know! Be sure to listen and look closely at the instructor before making a position.

  • Don't go to classes with a full stomach. In order to be able to flex and make different postures it's necessary to go on an empty stomach. If you eat before doing yoga, the routine can be tedious, even if you vomit.

You can take an energizing juice or a tea, but try not to eat heavy foods. Otherwise, you can eat 1 hour before starting the class.

Remember that in the exercise of yoga you need to have a lot of perseverance and concentration. In a few months you can perform any yoga posture.

I hope this kind of guide will serve you for your classes. And most important of all, don't forget to breathe, smile and enjoy your practice.

When you have enough time, come to the Hotel Oro Verde to sign up for your yoga classes. Ana Mostesdeoca is responsible for conducting classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. The practice schedule is from 8am until 9am. Cheer up, join and be part of this lifestyle!


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