Do not know where to go for Easter? Choose one of these Ecuador destinations

Do not know where to go for Easter? Choose one of these Ecuador destinations

In addition to the processions that are made in many countries, there is also the sun, the beach, churches, and craft traditions. Easter is a date to enjoy it with your family, take your bags and go on a trip for this weekend.

Here we give you options so you can do tourism in Ecuador on this vacation. You can choose the Coast or the Sierra. Everything depends on you, if you like the cold or heat; the important thing is to enjoy it.



On Good Friday you can go to the second largest procession in Ecuador: Christ of consolation to commemorate the Via Crucis of Jesus Christ. The procession begins its journey in the Church of Christ of Consuelo and ends at the Holy Spirit Church. Each year, half a million parishioners attend.

In these parties you can find characters that go barefoot, with whips and with large crosses; They do this as rituals to worship their God.

Tourist Places

In your tour of Easter in Guayaquil you can go to Cerro Santa Ana. This is one of the most important tourist places in the city. On this route you can visit the Diego Noboa staircase where you will find a variety of bars, shops, handicrafts and Ecuadorian products.

During your visit you can also visit the Seminario Park, better known as the iguana park because they live there.

If you prefer natural places to go with your family you can go to the El Morro Mangroves Wildlife Refuge where you can see the dolphins and visit the Varadero beach.


This province still retains many of the traditions of Holy Week, for example most of its Catholic parishes make processions. This activity takes a lot of relevance in the community Sancán that is located in the canton Jipijapa. Here they make a tour with the image of Jesus Christ of more than 10km.

On March 31 will be held in Portoviejo the presentation of national and international artists from 20h00.

On Sunday, April 1, the third Gastronomic Seafood Festival will be held at Crucita. Here the food will be made live and there will also be cultural artistic presentations, highlighting the Manabi identity.

Tourist Places

It's time to enjoy the beach! There are 350 km of beach for adventure! In Manabí there are many places where they receive tourists with craft fairs, dances, food, and the best beaches in Ecuador.

You can visit El Murciélago Beach in Manta, Santa Marianita, San Clemente, Bahia, Ayampe, San Vicente etc. In this last place the ninth National Shrimp Festival will be held on March 30 and 31, here the largest shrimp will be chosen. Will be the winner!

You can also visit Puerto López, here you will find one of the most prized beaches in Ecuador: Los frailes.

Santo Domingo

Here the festival of the Kasama is celebrated in each Holy Week. This party means the beginning of a new year or dawn.

The party begins with a shamanic ritual; that is, with purification baths. Then there are cultural groups with their traditional dances and the tasting of a gastronomic fair. In this event all the communes (7) that form the Tsáchila nationality participate.

Tourist Places

You can visit the Youth Park or Theme Park Cacaotera Culture. In the cacao park we can know the history, importance and added value that this product has in the country.

You can go to Cerro Bombolí and take the best selfies with your family, or also capture a panoramic image. You can also visit the protective forest La Perla or Valle Hermoso, you will be delighted with the amount of flora and fauna that these places have, in addition to their spas.



It is a good place for people who like churches. On Thursday, March 29, there will be a tour of some churches: La Concepción, Carmen Alto, Santa Clara, La Compañía and San Francisco. The tour is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

On Friday you can attend the largest procession in Ecuador: Jesus of Great Power. In these events are the cucuruchos that are dressed in purple suits, and the veronicas, these are women who dress as widows.

On Easter Sunday a mass will be held in the Alangasi Church at 12 noon. In this festival, the Sacred Music Festival will also be held. In Quito you can enjoy the devils dressed in T-shirts and leather sweaters who want to enter the church. They represent evil and want to enter by force.

Tourist Places

Being the Capital of Ecuador there are countless places to visit with the family, including half of the world. Here many people are going to take pictures, there is a planetarium and an ethnographic museum, it's a place with a lot of cultural variety.

There is also the cable car, where you have to be well wrapped or if you can not freeze. At more than 2950 meters you can observe the whole city through telescopes, it is an incredible sight.

Also you can visit the Panecillo, Carondelet Palace, the Basilica of the National Vote etc.


In this city you can enjoy one of the best fanescas, these are sold in the central market of Ambato. In this sector you can also find dried fish, squash and sambo.

On Holy Thursday the Chrism Mass will be celebrated in the Cathedral Church at 09:00 am, there will also be the celebration of the Last Supper and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after dinner in the church of the city.

On Good Friday there will be the viacrucis, the live representation of the descent and the procession of silence that starts from the Cathedral through all the streets of the city.

Tourist Places

Ambato is the land of flowers and fruits, but besides this you can do many extreme sports or visit cultural and tourist places that delight visitors.

You can visit the Patate Valley where you can camp and walk on trails, and you can even have a picnic with your family.

You can also visit The Portal House, The Museum of the Higher Technical Institute Bolivar, The House of Montalvo, and many more places that await tourists with open doors.


Here is the procession of the Lord of Good Progress, which takes place on Tuesday, March 27. This procession is celebrated on Holy Tuesday because in the earthquake of 1797 a unique image of the Most Holy was recovered. This image is taken by the parishioners from the Temple of the Conception and goes through the streets of the cities.

In the parishes Yaruquíes, Calpi, Punín, and San Luis there are also processions accompanied with curruchos.

This is one of the most religious dates for Riobamba because in addition to having a religious and spiritual significance, the indigenous belief is also celebrated with miscegenation.

Tourist Places

Without a doubt you should go to visit the Chimborazo volcano and take a photo to remember, you will surely love it! They can also go to the Collanes Valley and Sangay National Park. Riobamba is a land full of flora and fauna where we can enjoy nature.

In Riobamba there are also religious architectural jewels such as San Pedro de Riobamba, it was one of the first churches made in Ecuador. Guano is also well known, it stands out for selling woven clothing to wool.


On Holy Thursday there is a visit of the seven most recognized churches. On Good Friday from 7:30 p.m., the procession of the Lord of the Passion takes place. This tour starts from San Blas Park and goes through several areas of the city.

More than 30,000 people participate in the 9 processions that are made on these dates. Above all, the one that takes place at dawn on Good Friday, the Camino del Calvario. In it the mobs, the drums and the trumpets sound.

Tourist Places

You can visit the Turi viewpoint that is on a hill and from here you can see the panorama of the city. There is also El Cajas National Park where you can enjoy its landscapes of moors and Andean forests, there are also lagoons with small forests, which is a good place to camp.

Cuenca also has religious relics such as El Sagrario, the Church of Carmen de la Asunción, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures.

Ecuador  Travel and live this Holy Week intensely: processions, typical food, handicrafts, beautiful landscapes and friendly people. In each of these corners of Ecuador they take their virgins to the street; These virgins are worshiped by the parishioners.

This trip will taste like glory. Do you have your plans ready? Enjoy the varied agenda that exists in the different Ecuador destination.



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