Visit Santo Domingo of the Tsáchilas and celebrate the Kasama feast

Visit Santo Domingo of the Tsáchilas and celebrate the Kasama feast

Ecuador is a country where there is a variety of tourist cities, where each of them has its traditions, festivals, cultures, gastronomy and stories. Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas is the center of Ecuador, and here the Kasama festival is celebrated. Its the only party celebrated by the Tsáchilas.

Tsáchila is its ancestral name, which means real people. In the language of this culture, "Kasa" means new and "ma" day. In conclusion the Tsáchilas celebrate the feast of a new day or new year. They don't do it on January 1 as the rest of the West, but they celebrate it according to their ancestral calendar.

In this party the 7 communes Tsáchilas (Chigüilpe, Otongo Mapalí, Peripa, Poste, Búa, Congoja y Naranjos.) meet to reencounter with their roots, share a moment with their families, and perform group rituals. Most of these families go to the party with colorful clothes, tiger tooth collars and their colorful hair with achiote; For the Tsáchilas the achiote is a symbol of life and purity because it cures the existence. This is the most traditional of this culture. For this tradition of painting their hair they are known as red Indians.

On Holy Friday there is a cultural exchange between the other indigenous nationalities of the other regions of the country. At the end of the day the ritual of huito is made. This consists of painting the face and body with vegetable paint for the ceremony. The predominant colors are bluish black and light green.

Until the great day of the Kasama arrives at 03:00 on Saturday, where people have to take a bath of spiritual purification in the river to free themselves from the bad vibes.

The beginning of the new year of this culture, is always the Saturday of Glory for the Catholic people. For this reason its emphasized that Holy Week is celebrated by many cultures from different communities. In its clear way its!

Gloria's Sabbath or New Year's party "Kasama" is the only celebration the Tsáchilas have. This party has become a tourist attraction for national and international tourists. This shows that tourism in Ecuador is extensive and there are many places to go.

Formerly the celebration of this party was different, the women's hand was asked and their relatives danced and formed circles, their movements were to the rhythm of the drums, especially the marimba. They not only celebrated the New Year, but also the formation of a family. They also drank special drinks to celebrate.

Currently celebrated in another way. The members of each commune do dances, dramatizations, rituals, theater, even hunting, fishing and subsistence skills are discussed. The dances performed are in honor of the moon and the sun, because they represent night and day.

In this celebration also includes other traditional games of culture: drink chicha, peel green banana and mature, throw a stone with a bow, the choice of Queen Tsáchila. The goal of the winner is to promote the use of costumes, their traditions and the Tsa'fiki language in their community.

The craft fairs are also highlighted in these parties. Here you can buy Ecuadorian products, such as cotton clothes, wool bags, tagua jewelery, panama hats and all products that are handmade. In Ecuador, the work of artisans is valued and each of their products is promoted.

This year's celebration will take place in Los Naranjos commune from March 29 to 31. The Tsáchila nationality is an Intangible Heritage that must be protected and for this reason its already 10 consecutive years that the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC) has been integrated into this celebration. The Prefecture, the Ministry of Tourism and the Tsáchila Government will participate in the organization.

The main reason to celebrate this date in a big way is the flowering of trees and the abundance of fish found in the rivers of Santo Domingo. This indicates that the Tsáchilas culture believes in nature and its miracles.

Its important to mention that this Kasama feast was stopped for three decades due to the division of the communes. Then in 1998 these festivals were resumed to unite their families more.

All tourists who participate in these dates can perform all the activities mentioned. They will bring a beautiful memory and an unforgettable experience.

All you need is Ecuador to discover the different cultures and traditions that the country of the four worlds has.

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