The practice of yoga, a benefit for health

The practice of yoga, a benefit for health

Yoga is a millenary practice, in which body, mind and spirit are fused to strengthen themselves through asanas, breathing and meditation. This produces not only physical benefits, but also high mental and spiritual benefits, which has led to consider this practice as one of the best comprehensive care systems that exist.

Manta is one of the cities that has a large number of followers of yoga, which has led to establish centers that impart this practice to meet the needs of those who want to enter this doctrine. One of the most representative is Happy Yoga Studio (Facebook: @happyogastudio), located on 19th and av. 7 in the Cordoba neighborhood. This center was born in 2014 by its director Diana Fernández de Córdova de Bustos, with the purpose of spreading the practice of yoga and providing information about this philosophy and lifestyle.

Diana is a woman from Quito, a born sportswoman who has lived in Manta for 35 years. In 2012 he had a serious complication in his health and that is when he decided to practice yoga, since he was looking for something more than a simple physical practice to improve his health.

From this he decides to dedicate himself completely to this lifestyle. As Diana many people, almost all, decide to enter the world of yoga when they have some difficulty in their health, because the benefits that this practice has on the body are innumerable, such as weight loss, obtaining a strong body and flexible and a lucid and youthful skin. Practicing it, even once a week, can be beneficial in all aspects of your life.

As for the practice of yoga anyone can do it, however, it is executed through various levels. Regarding the practice for a beginner student should be made as simple as possible, there are even people who have strong physical training that are bent by the practice of yoga, because the training of muscle chains is completely different. This is why the levels vary and the practice must be adapted to the progress that the person is making.

There is also the facility of training for people who have musculoskeletal problems, as long as there is a previous physiotherapy that certifies that the person is fit to perform therapeutic yoga.

In the development of this practice aromatherapy is involved as a key part of the connection between body, mind and spirit; In this process the individual lies down, closes his eyes, relaxes and leaves his mind blank while the instructor sprinkles a fragrance based on essential oils in the environment, whether it be lavender or palo santo, the latter is especially recommended since It has healing and spiritual properties that will help the desired connection to be carried out more easily.

Remember that yoga is designed to achieve balance and peace, while strengthening the overall health of your body, because health is not the absence of disease, but the dynamic expression of life.

Yoga is an exercise that, along with aromatherapy, relieves physical and mental pain. This is a good practice for all types of people. You can combine the classes with essential oils of Palo Santo and with Japas Mala. Your yoga routine will be more pleasant.

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