Extreme attraction in the mountains of Baños- Ecuador, an experience to never forget

Extreme attraction in the mountains of Baños- Ecuador, an experience to never forget

Are you in Ecuador and dont know what city to visit for your vacation? Do you want some adrenaline and adventure and dont know where to find it? We recommend you visit Baños and enjoy the attractions that this beautiful city has for you.

Tourism in Ecuador is fun as long as you do it with the right people and with the necessary care if you do extreme sports.

In Baños you can visit La Casa del Árbol and get on the swing to the end of the world. From here you can observe the Tungurahua volcano because the tourist destination is located at 2660 meters above sea level.

Its an experience full of adrenaline for the most seasoned, unique in the world. You just have to sit on the swing that is without harnesses and start swinging near a ravine. Its one of the best views of the Andes.

In this place, besides enjoying the swing at the end of the world, there are also other activities that you can do as a family, friends or a couple. For example you can do camping, hiking in the mountains, take pictures of the beautiful landscapes and the volcano, and enjoy the canopy.

The canopy is a zip line where you are tied with straps from some cables, and they move you from one end to the other; Here you can see a beautiful landscape; This sport is not recommended for people who have panic to heights. But if you like adrenaline, good luck! You found the right place!

The price of admission to this tourist destination is $ 1 per person. It is necessary that you wear glasses, sunscreen, repellent, Panama Hat, and warm clothing.

Thousands of tourists arrive at La Casa del Árbol in order to observe the eruptive process of the Tungurahua volcano. This Casa del Árbol was remodeled in 2014, its built with wood, cement and iron.

How to get

You can make the trip in your own car or do it with tours in different agencies. These tours leave every day at 10h00 12h00 and 16h00. The cost of the tours vary between $ 6 and $ 15. You can also reach the site through popular buses, the hours 05h45 11h00 14h00 and 16h00. From Baños to the tree house are 45 minutes of travel.

From Guayaquil to Baños

There are direct buses: Baños, San Francisco, Flota Pelileo and Riobamba. This trip lasts between 6h30 to 7h.

You can also take buses to Ambato that leave every 30 minutes, the tour lasts from 5h30 to 6h. After Ambato, they take a bus to the restrooms every 15 minutes, its 1 hour away.

From Quito to Baños

There are buses that travel to Baños every 15 minutes, such as Transportation Baños, Amazonas, Expreso Baños and other companies.

It's necessary to remember that there are only buses until 11:30 pm from the Quitumbe terminal.

From Cuenca to Baños

There are 2 options:

Take a bus that takes you to Ambato (Sucre and Tourism Cuenca) that leave every 15 minutes. This trip lasts from 7 to 8 hours. From Ambato there are buses that depart every 15 minutes, which takes 1 more hours.

The second option is to take a Bus from Cuenca to Riobamba, and from here take a direct bus to Baños. From Riobamba, the buses Transport Riobamba, Transport San Francisco, and Transport Sangay leave.

Ecuador Travel and visit Baños and La Casa del Árbol, It has the best views and fun for everyone. Discover unique sensations loaded with adrenaline in the Swing at the end of the world. Would you dare to swing on this swing over a precipice?


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