Yoga posture of the week: Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Yoga posture of the week: Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Are you new to the world of yoga? Dont know where to start? In addition to the elements of yoga you should know where to start with the positions of this discipline. Tadasana is the initial or basic yoga position. Everyone who is a novice or professional must know how to make this position accurately.

Tada means mountain and Asana is posture, that's why it also has that name. In Tadasana the posture is more serene than rigid, that is to say that the body will be more lightweight and its muscles will not exert much effort.

The benefits of this position are many.

Strengthens the muscles of the legs, especially the thighs, knees and ankles.

Relieves low back pain due to stretching.

Improves the flexibility of the back and its alignment.

Relieves pains or malformations of sciatica.

It's relaxing.

Improve the posture of your body because we dont throw our heads forward.

Once the posture has been perfected, it avoids deformations.

In the following video you can see step by step how to make the Tadasana or mountain pose.

In this video we can see that its a position for beginners. People who are in advanced levels also practice it as a warm-up. Many times these yoga sessions are accompanied with Japa Mala, blocks or cushions. It all depends on how you feel better doing the poses.

You must also be mentally focused, that is, you must be focused on your breathing and your body. This posture should last between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to start doing the next posture that you feel like at the moment.

In this position in addition to body awareness, it relaxes the body and prepares us for the following asanas.

This position also has some contraindications.


Low blood pressure


Pregnancy from 4 months

I hope you have expanded your knowledge and practice in yoga. Every Friday we will be offering a new position for you readers to practice at home. If you want to perfect this position, contact the Happy Yoga Academy (Facebook: @happyogastudio).

Namaste for all those who read us and like the world of spirituality and good vibes. I hope you send us a photo to our Facebook, InstagramTwitter networks when you take this position.


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