Hat styles you can use in summer

Hat styles you can use in summer

The season is approaching where the sun appears from 07h00 and you dont know how to dress or what accessories to use to feel comfortable and relaxed. There is nothing better than a hat to wear on a perfect vacation. Highlight your personality with them!

Its true that each hat is made for a different attire style, but in summer everything is forgiven! And you can combine your hats with different outfits to give a chic touch to your daily outfit.

Here is a list of the hats you can wear this season, and the types of clothing you can use with each of them:

Straw Hats

These hats are the most used in summer because of their style. The prices vary according to the degree of tissue, but nevertheless they are loved by many!

This hat can be combined with a jean and a loose blouse. In this look you can go with loose hair and glasses.

If you want to achieve a trendy look, you can dress monochromatically, that is, in a single color. You can wear a hippie dress up to your knees, some sandals and your Panama Hat. Fashionable women wear this monochrome style in white because it enhances their figure.

With striped clothes. You can wear a blouse to the body with vertical stripes to highlight your figure. Many people choose to wear scarves with this style of clothing at bay. Usually the stripes are black and white, choose the dark colors for this look.

Denim clothing is also the protagonist for this type of hats. You can wear a short or cowboy with a loose blouse. You can also use it with a blouse or jean dress to not lose the youthful touch.

Short-brimmed hats

This style of hat you can use with long dresses to the body, a jacket and boots, surely you will be the center of attention where you go. This look is more for a meeting in the afternoon or at night.

You can also combine it with a top and a shirt on the outside, this will make you look more comfortable and relaxed, accompanied by a cowboy or a bohemian short.

Another style that you can use, is a silk blouse with a long flared skirt, this will make your hips look bulky and your waist small. Its an outfit to mark the figure of women.

For a summery, classic and comfortable look you can wear a shirt with shorts to the waist, aviators and a short-brimmed hat.

Wide-brimmed hats

This hat you can use it with a more bohemian style. Loose blouses with dark colored prints and gradient pants. You can add to this costume a long necklace of a single color, try that this necklace is not of rhinestones or aluminum material. You can opt for tagua jewelery to look more ecological and chic.

Another dress that you can use with these hats are dresses and hand-woven blouses, these can be cut to give a sensual touch to your style.

You can use this hat with tops and short shores because what will attract the most attention is the hat.

You can also choose to use it with your jumpsuits of wide and colorful prints, adds to this style a portfolio and leather sandals.

Cowboy hats

This is a natural jute hat, and many of them have leather ribbons and metal ornaments that give it a rough and different touch.

You can use it with plaid or striped shirts and with wide enough trousers. They can complement it with booties to give it a more rustic style.

Jeans, a white blouse and a cowboy hat is what you need for a casual look.

Custom hats

If you want to be the protagonist on the beach or wherever you go, there are also hats with prints, and various textures. Now you can customize your hats with phrases or reliefs, everything depends on your creativity.

This hat is usually used on the beach with monochromatic bathing suits, enhancing the beach style. You can use it with a white two-piece bathing suit or those that are one-piece embroidered.

Combine your swimsuit with a personalized hat and glasses, you will have an extra chic and elegant look.

Women's hats, in addition to giving you a summer look, also protect your hair from the sun's rays.

The hat is the king of the closet this summer. Choose the one you like best and combine it with your favorite clothes. Colors, materials and textures are synonymous with a good hat for the sun. And you already have yours?




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