Ecuador promotes its tourism with the Guayas Ship

Ecuador promotes its tourism with the Guayas Ship

Ecuador is the country of the four worlds, where you can visit the coast, Andean, Amazon and Galapagos region. Each of them with their respective tourist attractions, but there is something else that stands out in Ecuador, the Ecuadorian vessel Buque Escuela Guayas.

This vessel represents the four worlds of Ecuador and travels the seas of the world making the Ecuador flag fly. He has made 30 international and 60 national cruises since 1977.

The Minister of Tourism, Ponce de León signed an agreement where he designated the Insigne Ship of the Ecuadorian Navy as Traveling Tourist Ambassador of Ecuador and at the same time promoting the image of the country in the next international cruises with the aim of spreading the culture, the tourism, traditions, and Ecuadorian history.

The Minister said that when foreign tourists visit Galápagos, they dont know about the other wonders that Ecuador has, such as the Amazon, the Pacific Coasts and other Heritage Cities. For this reason, campaigns are being carried out to reactivate tourism.

With this designation, the vessel is committed to participate in its thirty-first international cruise of instruction called Velas Latinoamericas International Regatta 2018. This event gathers large sailboats from 8 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador).

In this journey of 187 days you can enjoy its beauty in 10 ports of the 8 countries mentioned. In these countries, Ecuador will be promoted as a tourist destination. It will take on board its geographical environment, its cultural heritage, its ecological diversity, itself, the essence of a country that has it all.

National and international tourists can enjoy the Ship in the coastal profiles of each country; when they are on board you can take pictures with an ocean view, enjoy the soundtrack you play live, dance to the rhythm of national music, and ask the sailors for information about the history of the ship or the making of straw hats, a Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Also in the Ecuadorian coastal profile we can enjoy other Ecuador destinations, such as the beach, forests for camping, places where there are relics, mountains for camping and other places to enjoy as a family.

In the coasts of Ecuador there are also kind and respectful people who offer the best quality services for tourists. The gastronomy and handmade crafts are the most attractive for visitors. Straw hats are the ones with the most demand. In addition there are other Ecuadorian products that attract attention: embroidered clothing, tagua jewelry, wicker ornaments etc.

Ecuador is a true tourist power, that's why Ecuador Travel and knows all the exotic and beautiful places it has for you. He also knows their cultures and traditions. You will surely want to return to this charming country.

That Ecuador is a tourist country is not the work of only one, but of all. All you need is Ecuador to live the best experience of your life with the hospitality and warmth you will find here. Have you already visited Ecuador? What do you like about this megadiverse and pluricultural country?



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