How to prepare a relaxing aromatic bath with essential oils

How to prepare a relaxing aromatic bath with essential oils

Did you have a stressful day? You just want to get home and relax? This post is the right one to renew your body in your house from the head to the feet. It's time to enjoy and disconnect from the rest of the world! Treat yourself to a magical and stress-free moment in your bathroom!

A warm bath with the essential oil of your preference (Lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, mint or Palo Santo essential oil) will relax you, soothe your muscles, fill you with energy and help you fall asleep, taking the body to a complete state of relaxation.

Once you have chosen your essential oil, let's see the steps:

  1.        Fill the bathtub with warm water, you can put hot water and then mix it with cold water until the temperature is at 32 degrees. Make sure the bathtub has enough water to cover your entire body.
  2.        Put 10 or 20 drops of essential oil in your neutral liquid soap or in a spoonful of milk, this disperses essential oils. These oils must not have a 100% purity degree because they can irritate the skin.
  3.        We can prepare the environment by putting aromatic candles in the bathroom, rose petals in the bathtub or soft music to activate your senses.
  4.        Then you introduce this mixture into the bath water. We stir the water to dilute the soap well with the oil.
  5.        Carefully we enter the bathtub, submerge our body and relax.

If you dont have a bathtub in your house, just wet a sponge with the diluted essential oil and pass it all over your body.

The bath should last 10 to 15 minutes for the oils to act on your skin. Many of these oils have their properties that have many benefits. For example, Palo Santo oil has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties due to Limonene.

Be sure to give this relaxing bath at least once a week. Its a way to get away from worries.

This natural therapeutic option offers many advantages, for example hot water offers the body a state of well-being, which helps to relax deeply. Its ideal against anxiety, stress and nervous tension. In addition the relaxing bath is useful for the health of the skin because it helps in the treatment and infections of the skin.

REMEMBER. If the essential oils are poured directly into the bath water, these will go to the surface, stay on the walls of the bathtub and can irritate your skin, meaning that your benefits will be lost.

PRACTICAL COUNCIL. While you are inside the bathtub close your eyes and place a warm cloth, then focus your attention on the different parts of your body. Keep a deep and regular breathing and think about each of the parts of your body where the essential oil is going to act, this is a type of meditation for your skin. This practice will make you feel more relaxed and renewed due to the smell of the oils.

Meditation is a beneficial activity to recharge your body and your mind. It is a type of aromatherapy that is done while we are inside the bathtub.

Do not put pause or limits to the care of your skin and beauty. Cleans, oxygenates, moisturizes and regenerates your body and face. It is your moment, you must enjoy this experience calmly, there is no time for hurry!



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