What is ecotourism and how to become an eco-tourist?

What is ecotourism and how to become an eco-tourist?

When we think about tourism in Ecuador we make the idea of paradisiacal destinations where you can enjoy gastronomy, culture, traditions, sports, parties, wonderful landscapes and the hospitality of people. We think of having fun at all costs, of taking pictures to take as a souvenir, of knowing each of the corners. We all want to do tourism, but have you ever thought about doing it ecologically?

This is very easy! Sustainable tourism or ecotourism is about the conservation of our ecosystems. Its more than a responsible tourism, its to enjoy, appreciate, respect and study the natural heritage and its cultural manifestations. Its a tourism very related to ethics.

The active participation of local communities should also be involved in ecotourism. In Ecuador there are friendly and respectful people who become the most fervent defenders of its flora and fauna. In addition, Ecuadorians provide the best quality in their services to provide tourists.

To be an ecological tourist we must implement good environmental practices in the tourism sector, for example, dont throw garbage or food waste in the forests and seas, dont mistreat the flora & fauna and dont alter the survival processes of the species. We must also make sustainable use of resources and reduce overproduction.

In case of not complying with these regulations, there are risks on the part of their managers. In most cases its the construction of tourist infrastructures in protected areas. And these constructions have negative impacts:

Ecosystem contamination

Increasing the consequences of climate change

Affectation of natural areas

Alteration of animal reproduction

Distortion of the customs and traditions of the zones

In Ecuador there is a natural and cultural wealth, and for this reason its ranked among the 17 most mega-diverse countries in the world. Its protected areas are attractive for national and foreign tourists who want to enjoy nature at the skin. Thanks to visitors, tourism has been constituted as one of the most interesting economic proposals.

One of these protected areas is Galapagos. Here there is a variety of marine landscapes, ecosystems, and species diversity. Its one of the most visited places by foreigners. But Ecuador is not only Galapagos, its also Costa, Sierra and Amazonia. For this reason its called the country of the four worlds.

Besides being a good ecotourist, you can also promote the economic development of the country. How can you do it? Consuming hand-made Ecuadorian products, such as tagua jewelry, hand-embroidered clothing, straw hats and wicker ornaments.

Educating to do ecotourism is everyone's job. We must educate for the conservation of each of these exotic places that Ecuador has.

There are many Ecuador destinations where you can go on vacation. Choose the tourist route that you like the most and take an environmentally responsible trip.

All you need is Ecuador to promote responsible tourism practices that contribute to maintaining the diversity of flora and fauna in our ecosystem.





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