Original souvenirs for baptism: Palo Santo craft products kit

Original souvenirs for baptism: Palo Santo craft products kit

The day of the baptism of your son or daughter is approaching and you dont know what to give your guests as a souvenir? Do you want to give something original and economical? Do you really want it to be a memory that you can appreciate and use? Well, it's time to change the chip and give a handmade kit from Palo Santo.

Its true that the color blue highlights in the decorations of children's baptism memories, and the pink color of the girls, but can you imagine the woody color with a rustic touch? Its a universal color. This is the feature of the kit that we present below:

Glycerin soap. This soap has a woody citrus aroma due to the amount of Limonene it has, this is a medicinal terpene that serves as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant. After all these properties, your guests will surely ask you where you bought the soap!

Essential oil. Besides having a nice aroma, you can give it a unique presentation! Put them in small glass jars! Surely your guests will thank you and when they get to their homes they will want to have a relaxing massage or they will simply leave it as an ornament on their bedside table. With this memory of sure they will not forget the celebration!

Incense cones. You can put them in a bag of yarn or silk to give a rustic touch, also accompany with a lasito and a metal pendant to give greater elegance to the bag of cones. Your guests can use them to remove bad energies from home or to do aromatherapy.

All this kit is referenced for hundreds of natural uses, including as decorations to decorate your home. This gift has a significant spiritual power because its name is translated as "sacred wood". You can add photos and cards to this kit to make it more personal and meaningful.

Inside the box you can place shavings of Palo Santo to give it a natural and rustic look. These products cleanse your energy, find calm and deepen your connection to the earth. They also have multiple benefits for your physical and spiritual health.

Its very important that the souvenir is beautiful, practical and original! Put into practice your creativity and build your kit with handmade products! People love things made by hands! And more if you can use them for yourself!

There are a lot of original ways to present your christening souvenir, you can make cleaning kit by putting soaps, towels, hand soap, antibacterial, etc. You can also make a beauty kit by putting body creams, lip balm, sun block, etc. All these ideas are original and with prices of all ranges.

Finally, this idea can not only be used in baptisms, but also as a souvenir on a birthday, marriage or any other activity or party that you do. Be the host of the party and be happy with your gift kit!



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