The 5 beaches of Ecuador most visited by tourists

Are you thinking where to go on your next vacation? Do you want sun, beach, sand and fun? Dont know which Ecuador destination to go with your family or friends? Dont worry anymore, in this post we bring you the most recommended places by tourists.

If it's a beach, all you need is Ecuador, here you'll find the best in gastronomy, water sports, varied activities and the kindness of the people who offer the best service in every aspect.

Below I will make a list of the 5 most visited beaches in Ecuador:


Located 30 km from the city of Esmeraldas, that is to say 30 minutes. Its the largest in Ecuador and the closest one in Quito. This is one of the most visited beaches by foreign tourists due to its hotel infrastructure and its bars.

Atacames is characteristic because its bars are at the edge of the sea. In these bars you can take the famous caipirinhas and the typical drink "coco loco; This drink is made up of brandy and coconut juice. Here there is a vibrant nightlife during the weekends with outdoor music and restaurants with a terrace.

In these bars they also sell handicrafts made with black coral that is extracted from the sea. In Green Province get ready to be under a palm tree with a cocktail or a coconut, you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Los Frailes

Its located in the province of Manabí 12 km from Puerto López and is part of the Machalilla National Park since 1979. Its considered one of the best beaches in Ecuador and South America.

This beach is characteristic for its white sand and the transparency of its calm marine waters. Here you can go with your family and partner to spend an afternoon of relaxation because there are no street vendors that interrupt your peace of mind.

In Los Frailes there are beautiful natural scenarios such as forests, cliffs and other rock formations where you can go to take pictures. Another of its attractions are the recast trails where you must do a 30-minute walk to reach the destination, and here there is a viewpoint where you can see a panoramic view of the beach.


On this bohemian and cosmopolitan beach there are people from all over, its normal to see different cultures and ethnicities. It's known as one of the most important surf destinations in South America.

Its a place where fun and entertainment is lived 100% in the day and night. The bars that are on the main street make lively parties that last until dawn. Because what happens in Montañita, stays in Montañita.

Its localities have a rustic style with cane and straw, here there are informal restaurants, surf shops and craft fairs where they sell Ecuadorian products so that you can remember.


Salinas is one of the most important and popular resorts in Ecuador. Chipipe Its the most visited beach of Salinas for reason that offers a quality hotel structure for visitors. One of its tourist attractions is the chocolate bar where the strong currents of the beach provoke crashes of the waves against the rocks.

There are other beaches such as San Lorenzo where there are large waves, ideal for practicing extreme water sports such as surfing.

Salinas also stands out for its recreational offer because there are different restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs next to natural attractions such as the arrival of humpback whales between July and September. This is a show that you should not miss!

Galapagos- Tortuga Bay

These islands are known for their biodiversity. In these paradisiacal beaches there is a variety of marine and terrestrial species that are protected. These species are the attractions of the sector because more than one person does not miss the opportunity to take the respective photo.

These white sand beaches and warm waters have impressive mountainous natural landscapes, where you can go for a walk or take a horse ride.

In the Galapagos Islands there are aphrodisiac beaches such as Tortuga Bay where they always find sea turtles on their shores that will lay their eggs. On this beach you can also practice diving among the colorful fishes and sea lions.

Ecuador Travel and know the wonderful sun and sand destinations throughout its Pacific coast. Many of these beaches are famous for their party nightlife, and others for their practically virgin paradises that hide in the natural landscapes.

If you think that we have missed any beach, do not hesitate to leave your comments.





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