Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Siobhán Keogh

Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Siobhán Keogh

Check this interview and look what our last winner Siobhán Keogh did with the tagua beads she won in our last giveaway!

1.- Please tell us about yourself. How is a normal day in your life? How did you start beading?

I have been beading since I was 8 years old and it has lead to me studying jewellery and starting to produce my own designs to sell.

2.- How many years do you have beading?

I have been beading for a very long time and I make jewellery almost every day.

3.- How many hours a week do you devote to this activity?


4.- Do you work professionally designing beaded jewelry?

Soon I hope to have my own business selling my jewellery.

5.- What are your top 5 or top 10 beads for a jewelry work?

Tagua beads are my new favourite as well as swarovski, czech glass and wooden beads.

6.- Would you say that your designs are made respecting the environment?

I try to source beads that are friendly to the environment.

7.- How did you learn about Tagua beads?

I learned about tagua beads online through blog post that I follow.

8.- What do you like about the tagua beads you won in our giveaway?

Variety of colors, Versatility, Environmental Protection, Price.

9.- What techniques did you use to make your design with the tagua beads you won in our Giveaway? Which tools?

I used simple knotted cord and chain in my designs. I wanted to keep the beads as the main focus as they are so beautiful.

10.- Have you used tagua beads again?

I have made 2 pieces so far (a bracelet and earrings) and I cant wait to make some more!

11 Would you like to use tagua beads in future designs?

I cant wait to use them again.

12 Do you have any suggestion on this material?


13 What other hobbies do you have?

I also love to knit. I find it creative and useful.

14 If you have any website or blog share it!


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