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By Nicalene C. (Cape Town, South Africa) on 14 June 2017 :

Product rated : Palo Santo Aromatherapy Bundle: Essential oils and incense. SAVE ON SHIPPING!

Brilliant Product and Customer service! Worth 10 stars!

I can HIGHLY recommend both products and customer service with Ecuadorian Hands.
I will definitely continue supporting them!

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By Sara M. (San Francisco, United States) on 13 June 2017 :

Product rated : (6 kgs) PaloSanto ground for Incense Cones. Bursera Graveolens

Great product

Amazing smell , high quality, great customer service. Always satisfied

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By Tsui Fang C. (Taichung City, Taiwan) on 13 June 2017 :

Product rated : 1 kg Incense Sticks Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens

Excellent quality Palo Santo sticks

The natural scent of Palo Santo sticks lasts for a long time. I enjoy walking into my place feeling the refreshness. I also enjoy burning them for cleansing my environment. Totally recommend it!

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